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Train your Mind – who is a lunatic?

Information which you are UNABLE to understand is precisely because you have no knowledge in that field. Lack of knowledge, causes, lack of understanding therefore rejection.

You hear about TRUTH.
You reject it immediately.
You label it CONSPIRACY.
Because you are a ‘baby’ As a baby is unable to understand. Its Thinking power has not developed, so, you are too.

Things you do – things you accept, blindly, perhaps due to TRADITION.

Have you ever seen a Calf coming over to a Female Human to suckle their BREAST for MILK?
Why Not?
Does a Cow have greater intelligence than Man?

Let us evaluate.
A Calf will only go to its similar species for MILK.
A Calf is aware that it is this species which has its DNA, hence compatible blood cells, hence food for its body.
Should a human extract milk from a human and try to feed it to a CALF it will reject it.
Such is the DIVINE LAW.
Such is the Law of intelligence.
Such is the Law of Consciousness.

Why then, do Human beings, forcibly inject Hormones into Cows, to increase their blood and milk supply, in order to steal their Milk?

Where does this deceit ‘root’ from?

It stems from the DEMONIC, Homosexual & Paedophile CULT.
Oh! I hear you say in astonishment. Total disgust. What connection could there ever be with the CULT and something as seemingly innocent as stealing Milk.

Oh, you foolish ones, wake up!! This is what I say.

We are what we EAT.
We are what we DRINK.
We are what we THINK.
We are what we put into our MOUTH.

Whatever we consume, we ingest into our blood stream.
Cause and effect of whatever is absorbed into our blood stream is either good or bad.
Ingest a virus into the blood stream – you get diseased.
Ingest cows milk into your blood stream, changes your DNA and makes you docile.

Ever noticed, everyone stands silent in a queue. Each with the same expression of twisting the eyes, or shrugging the shoulders. None, none with a comment. Because none can think.Your DNA has been changed firstly by the food you eat and secondly through inoculations.

It is for this reason, Breast feeding is not encouraged. If breast feed for up to 18 months, the babies DNA changes back to its original from its mother.

Ingest a pure Herbal Tonic into your blood stream it will boost your vitality.

If you drink milk or dairy products, YES, you are asleep.
If you eat FLESH & BLOOD of animals and drink their blood YES you are asleep.

Have you ever wondered what feeds your body cells.?
Have you ever wondered why Herbs are good for your Body?

Your Body cells are ALL made up from the Nutrients from Mother Earth.
Read the ingredients on Multi Vitamins and Minerals packaging.
You will find for example zinc, copper, iodine, calcium, selenium to name a few.

Now read the labeling on any Fruit purchased from any retailer, be it Waitrose, Tesco, Lidl etc. In my disgust, I have conducted independent research to state these facts.

Neither Avocados, Grapes, Nectarines, Blue Berries, Apples etc.etc. NONE of them have any Iodine, nor copper, zinc, calcium, selenium which are naturally in FRUIT.

Where has the Nutrition gone? Every Super market, ALL of them, have collaborated with the EU, the Food Councils, the Food Industry to remove vital nutrition, without which you are unable to THINK. Papayas etc have been reversed engineered.

For this reason, independent Growers, were forced to destroy their crop.
What did you do?
You are too busy watching TV, Drinking coffee, or perhaps chasing wealth, trying to mimic what you see on TV, thinking by colouring your hair, wearing blood red lipstick, tight fitting clothing to look like a clone, you are beautiful.

From other Planets, all you clones look hideous.
You live in a total DREAM state.
What you consider REALITY, is Stupidity.

Have you ever seen, or heard of a spirit, or your ancestors ask you for a pair of jeans or lipstick? Do you think your ancestors are DEAD.

They are very much with you.
Hoping that you WAKE up to REALITY & start trying to save your SPIRIT.

How do you think your ancestors are alive?
Is it not their SPIRIT.

Did they not leave their Flesh & Blood, clothes, jewellery, bank balance etc when they became Spirit.

Those who observed the Natural Law of YAHVAH will be saved.This is non religious.
All others, whether you have blue, green, brown or black eyes will all have to go through the Alchemical process to be purified, before you can ever have everlasting life.

Can you think?
Who is the lunatic?

Vital nutrients have been removed to prevent nutrition to your pineal and other spiritual glands in your body which no scientist can understand.
Every scientist lacks vital knowledge so do Health Professionals.

Change your DNA naturally.
Meditate at least 1 hour in the Morning and before going to sleep at night.

You do not need to attend any group.
Just close you eyes, focus them on the center of your forehead and let your mind direct you.

This is the initial process. It will tell you things you need to do.
Just listen. Do not talk to your Mind or else you will not progress.

Hope this helps.

Peace to you who understands and accepts. Excuse the harsh words. There are solely to make one sit up and listen.
Peace not Pieces!!