Keep Holy the Sabbath Day

Sabbath commences from Friday sunset to Saturday sunset (8.58 pm London time)Use the link below to find your time.

This is the mark of the beast.
This is the Holy Law.
Father Yahweh created the entire universe in 6 days.
On the 7th day Father blessed it and made it Holy and created a Law to keep this day Holy, by not buying or selling.
During six days you can buy, sell, work.
However, the 7th day you must dedicate to your Spiritual uplifting.

Since I am creating this blog on Saturday, I will commence how to keep Sabbath Holy commencing Saturday morning & will continue 2 further blogs for Sabbath Midday as well as Sabbath Evening contemplation.

Commune with the Earthly Mother. It is she who sends her angels to guide man. Mans body is made from all the elements from Mother Earth. Without Mother Earth and Her angels (All Created by Father Yahweh) we get diseased, crippled, disabled, lack vitality, etc.

Earthly Mother is in Thee & thou in her
She bore thee, she giveth thee life
It was she who gaveth thee they body
& to her shalt thou one day give it back again.
Happy art thou when thou comest to know Her
& her Kingdom
If thou receivest thy Mother’s Angels
and if thou doest Her Law
Who doeth these things shall NEVER see disease
For the Power of our Mother is above all
She hath rule over all the bodies of men
And all living things

The Blood which runs in us
Is born of the blood of our Earthly Mother
Her Blood falls from the clouds
Leaps from the womb of the Earth
Bubbles in the brooks of the mountains
Flows wide in the rivers of the plains
Sleeps in the Lakes
Rages mightily in the tempestuous seas

The Air which we breathe
Is born of the breath of our Earthly Mother
Her breath is azure in the heights of the Heaves
Soughs in the tops of the mountains
Whispers in the leaves of the forest
Billows over the cornfields
Slumbers in the deep valleys
Burns hot in the desert

The Hardness of our bones
Is born of the bones of our Earthly Mother
Whose flesh waxeth yellow and red
In the fruit of the trees
And nurtures us in the furrows of the fields
The Light of our Eyes,
The Hearing of our Ears
Both are born of the colours and sounds
Of our Earthly Mother
Which enclose us about
As the waves of the sea a fish
As the eddying air a bird

Man is the Son of the Earthly Mother
& from her did the Son of Man
(which refers to all humans)
Receive his whole body
Even as the body of the new born babe
Is born of the womb of his mother
Thou art one with the Earthly Mother
She is in thee & thou in her
Of her wert thou born, in her dost thou live
& to her shalt thou return again
Keep therefore Her Law
For none can live long
Neither be happy
But he who honours His Earthly Mother
& does her Law
For thy Breath is her breath (without which you cannot exist)
Thy Blood is her blood
Thy bone her bone
Thy flesh her flesh
Thy eyes and thy ears
Are her eyes and her ears

Our Earthly Mother
Always are we embraced by Her
Always are we surrounded by her beauty
NEVER can we part from her
NEVER can we know her depths
Ever doth she create NEW FORMS
That which now existeth never was before
That which did exist returneth NOT again
In her kingdom all is ever NEW and always OLD
In her midst do we live, yet we know her not
Continually doth she speak to us
Yet never doth betray to us her secrets
Ever do we till her soil and harvest her crop
Yet we have NO POWER over Her
Ever doth she build, ever doth she destroy
& her workplace is hidden from the eyes of Men

“The Earthly Mother & I are ONE
She gives the food of life to my whole body”

These words Christianity refer to as Paganism.
Global population has been mislead.
Accept the Truth.
I do not sell anything.

Morning ends when the sun is at its highest at Midday.
Read the Midday blog.

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